Prayer For The Healing of Loved Ones

Mother of our Savior, intercede with your Divine Son for my loved ones who are ill, especially (here mention names).
Ask Almighty God to grant them good health, to send His Angels to watch over them, to protect them from danger, and to keep them safe from lasting injury or harm.

May Christ, the Good Shepherd, soothe their suffering and grant them a full recovery.
Virgin Mary, embrace them with your motherly love and with your gentle, healing presence, that God’s bountiful goodness may always be their source of comfort, strength and joy. Amen.

Prayer For Those Suffering With Cancer

Mary, you brought forth into our world Jesus Christ, our Divine Healer. In your caring goodness, intercede for (here mention name) who is truly in need of miraculous assistance.

If it be God’s will, I ask this day that the gift of healing from all forms of cancer be granted to (name). Comfort him/her during times of anguish, pain, confusion and despair. Ask our gracious Savior to grant him/her physical health, inner peace and patience in suffering.

May God’s healing graces grant (name) a life of happiness, health and fulfillment here on earth, and one day, the joy of eternal glory in His loving embrace. Amen.

Prayer For Protection Against Danger

Mother of Jesus, be our protector and defender against all that is harmful or evil. Bring our needs before Almighty God, that we may be surrounded by God’s Holy Angels, and give us the grace to conquer every danger and overcome all that would threaten our health and well being.

Be for us light in times of darkness, strength when we are weak, wisdom in our confusion, healing in times of illness, and courage to work through life’s problems and difficulties. Give us joy when we are sad, bread to feed our hunger, and eternal life to defeat the power of death.

Virgin Mary, guide our life-journey, so that we may always walk safely together with you and your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, in God’s loving friendship. Amen.

Prayer During Times of Personal Illness

Blessed Mother, through the countless miracles attributed to your intercession, you have evidenced a generous and compassionate heart and a great love for the sick. Be with me during this time of ill health, and accompany me as I face sickness and infirmity. Help me to experience God’s healing power through your prayers, as well as my own.

Lead me to unite myself to the Cross of Jesus Christ, so that this suffering brings spiritual benefit to me and to others. May my bearing the cross of illness here on earth, prepare me for the eternal joys of perfect happiness and fullness of life with God forever in heaven. Amen.

Prayer For A Sick Relative Or Friend

Mary, full of grace, spiritual mother to those in need, I fervently request your heavenly intercession for (here name) who is ill and seeks God’s miraculous assistance. You truly care for the sick and offer them your compassionate support in powerful acts of healing. Stay near to (name) with your maternal protection. Console our anxious hearts and grant that our physical and emotional sufferings be a source of purification and growth for eternal life. Amen.

Prayer To Our Lady of Guadalupe

Most gracious Virgin of Guadalupe, in your apparitions to St. Juan Diego at Tepeyac you promised to show mercy and compassion to all who sought your help and protection. In love and trust I place my petitions before you (here mention your requests) and ask for your motherly care. I come to you hopeful and confident that, relying on your heavenly intercession, nothing can trouble or harm me.

As you have remained with us through your admirable image, O Blessed Lady, so now obtain for us the graces we need. Amen.

Prayer To Our Lady of Lourdes

Blessed Mother of Lourdes, we entrust our needs to You because You know the many issues in our lives. Intercede for us with your Son, Jesus, to provide healing in both body and spirit. Help us regain hope and retain our faith. In You, we place all our trust because You are our most loving Mother. Amen.

Prayer For Good Health

Mary, Mother of Jesus and spiritual Mother of all who follow Him, I ask you to watch over my loved ones with maternal affection. I pray especially for the gift of good health of mind and body for my family, my relatives, my friends and myself.

Blessed Mother, when we are ill, help us to bear patiently with sickness and suffering.

I place in your loving care all my personal needs and health concerns, that you may bring my petitions each day to the Heart of your Divine Son. Amen.

On the Death Of A Loved One

Lord Jesus, we beseech your infinite mercy for our loved ones who You have taken in their final steps towards everlasting life. You promised eternal salvation so generously to all who believe in You. O Lord, we are Yours, and You are with us. In Your infinite goodness, please grant eternal rest to our loved ones and may Your perpetual light shine upon them. Amen.

<h3 id=”eugene”>Prayer To St. Eugene De Mazenod

God, Our Father, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, you called St. Eugene de Mazenod, OMI, to gather priests and brothers as Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate to announce the Gospel, especially among the poor and neglected. May we be inflamed with his zeal for announcing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and receive through his intercession the special grace we ask for at this time.

St. Eugene de Mazenod, pray for us.

Prayer in Economic Hardship

Loving God, I come before You burdened by the serious financial difficulties I am facing. I am suffering in mind and spirit from the stress and tension of trying to make ends meet. Please help me cope with these economic hardships, and adequately provide for my family.

Teach me to live within my means, while at the same time doing my best to improve our resources. Let me never lose heart, but inspire me to grow in greater trust in You. Lead me to seek first Your kingdom each day, in the assurance that all the necessities of life will be given me besides. Amen.

Prayer For The Missions

Lord, remember our missionaries who give up all they have to testify to Your gospel and love. Strengthen them in moments of difficulty. Crown their labors with the victories of the Holy Spirit. Through their endeavors, may Your blessed Name be made known through the world. Surrounded by an ever growing number of Your children, may they raise to You the hymn of thankfulness, redemption and glory. Amen.

Prayer In Time of Depression

Lord Jesus, I have doubts about myself; I feel that my faith and trust in You are weak. Stay close to me. Take my hand and lift me up, out of this depression, which interferes with my life and with my peace with others. In Your Holy Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer In Time of Loneliness

Heavenly Father, at times I feel that You have forgotten about me. When I most need You, I cannot reach You. Yet I believe that You are present in my distressing loneliness. Teach me to find You even in my darkest times. In the name of Jesus, the Lord. Amen.

Prayer To St. Joseph

O Holy St. Joseph, loving guardian of Jesus and Mary, assist us by your prayers in all the necessities of life. Ask of Jesus that special grace, which He granted to you, to watch over and protect us, our families and our homes each day, so that with Mary and with you, heaven may find us united in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For Each Day

Gracious God, help me to know the joy and strength of Christ’s love, that I may become more like Him each day, and share His love with others. Amen.

Prayer Of Intercession To The Spanish Martyrs For Self-Sacrificing Love

Almighty and Eternal God, through the faith given to Blessed Francisco Esteban and his companions, their lives became an oblation to You, and through their martyrdom they bore witness to the redeeming act of Your Son, Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice of love frees us from the bonds of sins.

We pray that, through their intercessions, we may find the faith to bear witness in our lives to the self-sacrificing love of Your Son. Amen.

Mary Immaculate, Mother of the Oblates and Queen of Martyrs, pray for us.